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Live aboard and dive with us

Spend a week diving.  Bring your gear or use ours.  We have tanks ready to dive every day.

We can even help you get your scuba certification while visiting us.  Visit our PADI page for details.

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Sail with us.  Spend a week away from your routine.

We sail.  Seven days on the water.  Relax.  Unwind.  Or help the crew sail, you might learn something new about yourself.

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A getaway they will never forget…

We can accommodate 20 passengers per cruise.  We can sail, snorkel, dive, or any combination of these.  The boat and crew are here to help create memories that will never be forgotten.

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We are looking for investors.  There are different benefits at different levels.  Investor benefits start at $1.  Everyone gets at least an ongoing discount of 10% as long as you are an investor.

$1 -$10,000    10% off for as long as you are an investor

$10,001-$50,000   Two nights free for two and 15% off for as long as you are an investor

$50,001-$100,000  Four nights free for two and 20% off for as long as you are an investor

$100,000+   One week for four and 25% off for as long as you are an investor plus 5 more years, plus first access to our special events and cruises.

Your investment will remain in your control until everything is in order.

We ask that you place your funds in the Vanguard Mutual Fund of your choosing and hold them there while we work to get this underway.  If you change your mind you have complete control of your funds until all of the legal details are in line.  Investments will only be made when everything is ready to go.