Second star to the right and on till morning…

There is a podcaster to whom I listen that talks about how he is building his “pirate ship”.It isn’t that he is pillaging and plundering but that he going off in his own directions in business instead of staying inside the lines.  Get it on. Got to get it on.  Mandate: GET IT ON!

I am working to build my pirate ship too.  My ship actually will be a ship.  There is a profitable operation here already.  My plan is to acquire the operation and double it’s output.  Cuba is going to be big as a destination for diving and sailing over the next couple of decades at least.  This is going to be so much work, but it will be fun hard work.

Wanna be a part of this?  Send me an email and we can start a conversation.  This won’t be for most investors.  It probably isn’t going to make sense to most of you.  Few will be comfortable with what I will offer for terms, but for those that are interested in walking a different line, que up, let’s go.